Our workshops are fun, intense and highly effective. They are the result of painstakingly curating some of the finest Yoga exercises to meet the demands of a cutthroat corporate life. We have curated a set of 12 workshops, each of either 45 minutes or a 75 minutes duration, that deals with day-to-day challenges of an employee.The titles include hormonal balance, quality sleep, feeling young, stress management, detox, deep stretches, workings on different body parts such as spine and core, hips and knees, posture correction and so on. These can be conducted once a month to once in 3 months and can be converted into outdoor events too.


Easy-to-practice 15-20-minute workstation modules that do not require the employee from moving away from their workstation. The titles include Desktop yoga, Chair Yoga, Partner Yoga, Dance Yoga, Brain Engagement Yoga and so on. The ideal frequency of these classes would be once or twice in a week for employees to feel a difference.


In every organization, there would be employees who would like to attend regular classes but might not have our studio in the vicinity. In such cases, we would like to conduct regular classes in a dedicated space within your premises where we allocate a dedicated trainer to take the 25 Yoga forms, we take in our studios.The studios can be set with minimal interior requirement. This works like a regular subscription model at a subsidized price for the employees.