Yoga is time tested boon to mankind for fitness, wellness and beyond. It is beyond religion, physical & social boundaries, cast, creed or any differentiators. We are COSMIC YOGA– An institution of fitness and beyond enthusiasts, looking to explore the ancient science of Yoga and Mindfulness to make the world a better place.

So embrace the one of the best gift to mankind from today and live your life at fullest away from miseries, sufferings and solitude of physical world.

Our Company

A Warm Welcome to COSMIC YOGA

We don’t recognise terms such as seniors, juniors, colleagues and boss. At COSMIC YOGA, we are one big family working tirelessly to achieve one shared dream. To make a small difference in this world by connecting seven billion bodies, breathes, mind and consciousness.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make COSMIC YOGA synonymous to the state of happiness while “Uniting 7 Billion Bodies, Breathes, Mind and Consciousness”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable every individual feel and experience the power of yoga at affordable budget through studios, handful technologies and lifestyles products.


Ms. Priyanka Singh, a women of highest discipline, simplicity and noble thoughts is leading the team relentlessly. She is qualified as Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy and a certified Yoga Trainer from Govt. of India. She has rich experience in training people at studios, schools, corporate and workshops. She is really a women of mettle and proved at many occasions.


COSMIC YOGA hires, trains and retains world’s best trainers to fulfil our mission. Specialised teachers takes classes based on clients requirements.